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Workzone Presence Lighting – Balloon Carts

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NCDOT has now added workzone presence lighting as a line item on the bid proposals. Research shows that an illuminated jobsite helps reduce the amount of incidents that could take place on the jobsite. Presence lighting or Balloon Carts provide diffused light that reduces shadows and eliminates glare. The units are portable and available in different sizes, tupical applications require only 4 Balloon Carts as the units emit up to 65,000 lumens.

B.C. Cannon is based in the Carolinas but will ship to anywhere in the United States. For sales or inquires of this product, please call 864-235-1255 in Greenville, SC or at our Charleston locations 843-820-2003.


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Mash Certified SLED Crash Cushion Sales – Greenville, SC, Charleston, SC & Nationwide.

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The SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel and plastic. SLED’s unique design incorporates four internal steel cables which help envelop the impacting vehicle, reducing the possibility of secondary accidents. The SLED End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck. The complete crash cushion can be installed quickly, with as little as one pick up truck and two workers on compacted dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt or concrete.

B.C. Cannon Co. has installers to set up the initial install and to move the Crash Cushions as you make progress on your project. Please contact us at 864-235-1255.


Charleston, SC Crash Cushions, Greenville, SC Crash Cushions. SC, Greenville Crash Cusions, SC, Charleston Crash Cushions.

Charleston, SC Arrow Boards – Greenville, SC Arrow Boards. B.C. Cannon Co.

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Our solar panel units are high quality and reliable.  we can support any size project or scope and have the flexibility to offer several different makes/models of Charleston, SC Arrow Boards. We currently stock Wanco and Solar- Tech prodcuts and we also have a service department that can repair your existing units. Please contact us at 843-820-2003 in Charleston or 864-235-1255 for Greenville, SC.


Message Boards Charleston, SC – Charleston South Carolina

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Message boards are a key component when it comes to traffic safety. BC Cannon Co Charleston SC & Greenville, SC provides message boards for rent or sale, both new and used. We also provide Arrow boards in Charleston, SC to assist with you traffic safety needs.  B.C. Cannon Co also provides service on most makes and models. For additional questions please contact 843-820-2003.

Traffic Cones, Barricades and Drums – B.C. Cannon Co.

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B.C. Cannon has been providing Traffic Safety products to customers for the past four decades. If you are in need of Traffic Cones, Traffic Barricades or Traffic Drums please contact us. We buy in bulk quantities and can have it directly shipped to your jobsite or location. We also sell Message Boards, Arrow Boards, Traffic Signals and Crash Trucks or TMA’s. Please contact us at 864-235-1255 for a quote.


Greenville, South Carolina, Charleston, SC. Charleston, SC and Greenville SC

South Carolina and North CarolinaTraffic Control

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B.C. Cannon, Co. has been providing Traffic Control to the Carolina’s for the past 37 years. We provde interstate lane closure, primary and secondary lane closures, flagging and Detour ops as well as Workzone sign installation. We have a fleet of over 50 vehicles ready to provide traffic control for the Carolinas, we even have our own sign shop so that we can expedite sign orders and make custom signs.

B.C. Cannon, Co. has locations in Greenville, SC , Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC. Let is us know what your needs are and we will make it happen.


864-235-1255 or 843-820-2003


Crash Truck, TMA/Attenuator Sales – B.C. Cannon Co.

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B.C. Cannon Co. has been in the Traffic Safety business for almost four decades. We are a proud distributor of Scorpion Attenuators. Wheter it be install on your unit or ours, we can custom fabricate your vehicle to attach the Scorpion Attenuator.  Trailer Mounted Attenuators have become more common in the last couple of years,  we we can direct ship either a Trailer mounted or truck mounted anywhere in the United States.


For assistance or questions regarding scorpion attenuators, please call 864-235-1255.


Greenville, SC Crash Trucks, North America Crash Trucks, Charleston Crash Trucks.

Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC Flagging

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Flagging operations are a critical component for Traffic Safety Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC. When provide 3, 4 and five man operations; all based upon your business needs. We also even offer Automatic Flagging Devices (AFADS). Providing the same results as your typical flagging operation, but allowing you to run the operation with one less person and keeping your crews out of the road ways.  AFAD units are operated via remote control and can be operated up to 100 feet away. Another benefit is they are connect to be a tandem unit when hauling, so it only requires one truck and one crew.


South Carolina Crash Truck & TMA Sales

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B. C. Cannon has been in the traffic safety business for over 35 years, more than a decade ago B.C. Cannon started fabricating TMA’s for thier personal fleet. Now, we fabricate TMA’s/Crash Trucks for customers who benefit from using crash trucks in thier day to day operations. We can retrofit your current vehicle, install it on your exisiting/new vehicle, or we can handle the whole process turnkey. For sales in Greenville, SC please call 864-235-1255, for Charleston, SC please call 843-820-2003.

Automated Flagging Assistance Devices (AFAD) – Greenville, SC & Charleston, SC

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Automated Flagging Assistance Devices commonly known as AFAD is a portable flagging system for work zone traffic control on secondary roadways (Two-Way Directional Travel). AFAD Systems are a robotic alternative to work zone flaggers allowing human flaggers to be removed from the roadway. By removing human flaggers, labor costs are reduced and lessens the occurrence of human errors.

The Automated Flagger AF-100 by Synergy Technology can be operated by a wireless radio remote, manual remote or fully automatic with the use of radars. The Automated Flagger AF-100 can be deployed in the work zone with either single or two trailer operations and offers single or two trailer towing (tandem pulled) making it easy to transport back and forth to the job site. The Automated Flagger AF-100 is a Red/Yellow Lens device that meets the 2009 Federal Highway Administration MUTCD Section 6E.04 specification. The combination of Red/Yellow Signal Lights & Gate Arm offers the highest viability for the traveling public. Typical applications include: highway construction (milling & paving), water line repairs/installations, power line repairs/installations & tree work.

B.C. Cannon Company provides turnkey flagging operations with the Automated Flagger AF-100 along with rental and sales of these units from our Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC locations.

Points of contact for sales and rentals will be Heyward Rhoden at 864-747-0245 (Greenville, SC) and Luke Cunningham at 843-749-2724 (Charleston, SC)

Video of Deployment: