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Work Zone Signs & Hardware

All our work zone signs are available in rigid and rollup options for your convenience. We also offer on site setup and removal of our products by our team of ATSSA certified work zone supervisors and technicians. In addition to items listed below we offer any and all types of Work Zone Traffic safety items you need for your job site, please call our office for a full list of our extensive Work Zone signage inventory.





Stop/Slow Paddles

Our Stop Slow signs are made with 3M™ reflective materials and applied to both sides of an aluminum, ABS or ALPOLIC® octagon blank. Stop Slow signs are available with a variety of mast options to support your sign. Metal and PVC masts come in 2 detachable pieces for easy storage; metal masts come in a 1-piece option as well. We also offer a fiberglass/aluminum telescoping mast that allows for easy storage without 2 separate pieces. In addition to the rigid Stop Slow paddles we offer a portable version which includes a roll-up Stop Slow sign and a 3-piece mast. All masts come with a non-skid rubber cap.
Windmaster Stands

Tripod Stands

Portable Sign Stands

Full-size stand with two stage dual spring action base, kick release steel legs and an extended mast enabling a 21" and 5 ft. mounting height. Supports roll-up and rigid signs.


Tripod stand combination of economy, versatility, compactness and practicality. Supports roll-up and rigid signs. Approved with sandbag.

U-Channel Posts & Breakaway Kits

BC Cannon Company installs U-channel posts to DOT standards and also offers removal of our products. Optional Breakaway Kits are also available.

Lap Splice™ Breakaway Kit

The Lap Spliceª is a ground-mounted, bolted base breakaway system for U-Channel posts.

  • Base is easily driven in even the hardest soils from ground level with manual or power tools
  • Nest and bolt top post to bottom post in minutes
  • System utilizes two special bolts and a bar spacer
  • System forms a union as strong as the posts themselves
  • Installation crews spend less time by the side of the road

Traffic Control Plans

B.C. Cannon offers Certified Traffic Control plans